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Spiritual Nurture at Knox

Living the Questions, A Spiritual Journey

Honouring Creation

Wednesdays (listed below) from 6:30 pm - 8 pm

“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Many of us in the United Church believe an open and inclusive form of Christianity has something good to offer the human race. At the same time, many have a sense that “salvaging” Christianity is a hopeless task given outdated doctrine, abuses by the institutional church, and society’s disdain for Religion but attraction to Spirituality.

For decades Knox has sought to offer for a safe environment where participants have permission to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask but have been afraid to voice. Living the Questions provides a context where group members can pursue their questions, learn from conversations in the Emerging Church, and seek to inform their understanding as part of a life-long spiritual journey. Through exposure to provocative theological and spiritual insights and the engagement of small group conversation, participants in Living the Questions will experience how profoundly important the journey itself is. Open to youth and adults.

Sign-up for the class by 30 January and order the workbook ($10) on the sheet in the lobby. Or send Rev. Craig an email at craigatknox@wcgwave.ca

6 Feb I — Restoring Relationships

13 Feb II — The Prophetic Jesus

27 Feb III — Evil, Suffering & A God of Love

13 March IV — The Myth of Redemptive Violence

27 March V — Practicing Resurrection

10 April VI — Debunking the Rapture

24 April VII — Honouring Creation