Knox History

Knox United Church was created through the amalgamation of the former Knox Presbyterian and Victoria Avenue Methodist Churches in 1933, both having become United Churches at the time of union in 1925. Initially worshipping in the building on the south-east corner of 15th Street and Victoria Avenue and using the building on the north-west corner for education purposes, the congregation later sold the former Knox Presbyterian Church. After careful consideration and planning, a new church building was erected at the corner of 18th Street and Victoria Avenue. Dedication took place on April 15, 1956.

Knox United Church reflects the national church in its varied people, talents and opinions. Our church family has always tried to deal with the variety of issues that face a congregation over time, striving to listen respectfully to the thoughts, feelings and opinions of all. Knox has a history of concern around social justice issues, both at the local community level and around the world. Many activities of the congregation provide a way to live out this commitment. Many community organizations use the space in our church for their meetings and activities, making the building a busy place.

Music is an important part of the life of Knox. We are blessed with many talented music-makers who share their passion and commitment freely in many ways. Sunday morning worship involves both traditional and contemporary styles, with the music including organ, combo and other instruments from time to time. Our four-part choir sings an anthem each Sunday and leads the congregation in lots of singing!

Knox became an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada in 2010.

Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church


Knox United Church

Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church


Affirming History

Gay couple's story serves as beacon of hope to others

By: Uncredited Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We offer the following thoughts regarding the article about gay marriage in the Aug. 23 edition of the Brandon Sun: “Tying the Knot in Rural Manitoba” and the subsequent editorial of Aug. 27.

We commend the Sun and the reporter on the article.

It is indeed still difficult for many people to come out to their family and friends in Brandon and rural Manitoba. While many families are very accepting and understanding, this is not always the case. The uncertainty around the kind of reception one will receive creates anxiety for many.

It should be recognized that there is still a lack of understanding of and inclusiveness for members of the LGBTQ community in many institutions, including our schools and religious bodies.

We continue to hear stories of discrimination and prejudice faced by LGBTQ individuals. This is one reason our congregation is a member of the Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada. At Knox, we strive to be open and inclusive of all, including persons of any gender identity and sexual orientation, and conduct same gender weddings.

Knox also is pleased to be able to partner with organizations in our area that provide support to the LGBTQ population. This includes PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), the Brandon Pride Committee, the Sexuality Education Resource Centre (which offers support through its LGBTQ facilitator and counselling positions) and the Brandon University Students’ Union.

The editorial was quite correct in stating that the couple highlighted is not the first gay or lesbian couple to be married in Westman. We applaud their openness and risk-taking in sharing their story. It will serve as a beacon of hope to other young LGBTQ people in this area.

Thank you for your efforts at educating the public and building understanding in our community.

Laura Crookshanks

Knox United Church Affirm Committee

Republished from the Brandon Sun print edition September 2, 2014