Changes at Knox - Office Closure

Given the Public Health Act and order 3 that requires the closure of all non-essential businesses and non-profits, Sharon and Craig will be working remotely from home. All activity in the building is suspended. We may enter the building to check on heat, plumbing, security, etc. and we may enter to gain temporary access to items we need to work remotely.

The Province is also allowing faith communities to record or live-stream worship from their sanctuaries during this time, asking that we maintain physical distance and best practices.

This will be our policy until 15 April, knowing that the act may be extended past this period of time.

A cell phone number for Craig will be published soon so you can reach him in case of an emergency and you can also call him at home.

If your committee would like to meet by Zoom Craig can set up a meeting for you.

The UCC is urging all congregations to go slowly in decision making as policy and response to the pandemic changes on a daily basis. We anticipate that we will be eligible for compensation based on our loss of income during this time. The General Council office is offering weekly webinars and we are participating in Regional video conferences as well to stay up to date.

Let’s continue to look for creative ways to keep connected and foster community. We are glad to see the Inbetweeners have created an email communication chain. We've been gradually getting through our membership list making calls. Congregational Care is also checking in with members.

Let us know if you have any questions/ideas/concerns.

Be well and lots of love to all. Craig & Sharon

Sunday Morning Live Stream Virtual Worship

Our Sunday morning worship service will be live streamed on Youtube at:  It will be uploaded as a video and you can watch at your convenience if you are not available to participate in the live stream at 10:30 am. We’ll have a very small cadre of participants — Bernie, Mindy, Craig and Roger on camera — to lead the service.

If you have community news or prayer requests that you would like shared — remember that this is viewable by anyone on Youtube — please email the information to Rev. Craig

To learn more about the importance of virtual worship during times of isolation you may review the article by Deanna Thompson,  “I thought digital presence was a poor substitute for embodied presence. Then I got cancer.”

Rev. Craig S. Miller 


Virtual Worship on Good Friday

Our Good Friday worship service will be live-streamed on Youtube at 11 am.

We will celebrate the sacrament of communion, so you need some bread and some juice or wine for your household.

You will also need a cross, one that you have or one that you create.  Collect something to put at the foot of the cross to honour Jesus’ life, i.e. an artificial flower, flower petals, potpourri, a picture of a heart, much like we do when we go to a cemetery for a committal.


Bulletins & Announcements


The Knox Konnexion

Knox is a progressive Christian community which seeks to walk in the path of Jesus.

While worship is temporarily suspended, visit our YouTube Channel - The Knox Konnexion. Here you can find videos about our ministry and initiatives that we are connected with in the larger community and through the United Church of Canada.