Greetings on behalf of the friends and members of Knox!

There is a place for you here! We welcome all the life and ministry of the Knox family: persons of any age, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, social or economic circumstance.

Our congregation puts the unity in community! We are United:

  • In our love for God, one another and our neighbours.
  • In our desire to walk fully in the path of Jesus without denying the legitimacy of other paths to God.
  • In our celebration of worship that stimulates heart & mind.
  • In our practice or spiritual disciplines and listening for God's Word.
  • In our commitment to mission and service in the UCC and beyond.
  • In our dedication to living in right relationship with all peoples, species and God's good earth.
  • In our conviction that faith and science, doubt and belief serve us in the pursuit of truth.

I invite you to join us for worship on Sunday. Gathering music begins at 10:15am with worship at 10:30am. We welcome people of all traditions and backgrounds who seek sacred space in our sanctuary and beyond.

We strongly believe that We're Better Together as a community and as faith communities so we work hard for the common good. You'll meet Knox folk serving throughout the community of Brandon.

I look forward to meeting you. I'm generally around the office Monday through Thursday and am available by appointment.


Rev. Craig Miller